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          You are here----About us
          About Company

           地址:No.19 # 01, Floor 1-2, Building 19, Phase I, Xuzhou Jingkai Zhizao Garden, Liandong U Valley, No.6 Leye Road, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

          The weft company was founded in 1999, since its inception has been committed to the reproductive health products research and product development, take the road of specialization is our business philosophy. After 10 years of careful management, has become the most distinctive reproductive health products provider, and successfully enter the international market, " Jin Wei " has been recognized as a global reproductive health area of well-known brands.
          Company's existing products are nasal nursing instrument, the intrinsic fluorescence of early tumor diagnosis instrument, infrared breast diagnostic apparatus, gynecological genital tract rinsing treatment instrument such as a total of four major categories of more than 10 kinds. Jin Wei quality products have been sold throughout the country, even in multiple areas of focus.
          As of 2015 the company in the country has more than 4.5 million users.
          2009 in Beijing rural community health service institutions equipment standard project company infrared mammary gland diagnostic instrument is configured to the community service center.
          2010 January the company won the national population and Family Planning Commission of family planning service vehicle on-board medical equipment flow of project invite and successfully won the bid of 667 infrared mammary gland diagnostic instrument, the company on the date of completion of the quality and volume of production tasks, in the process of training by the provinces City Planning Commission.
          The company has received a number of national patents, and has passed the China Quality Certification Center for medical devices ( CMD ) of the ISO9001/ISO13485 international quality system certification, and in strict accordance with the established standard operation; actively used the world's advanced technology, at the same time using careful allocation of raw materials to conduct intensive production, has now grown into a high-tech medical system professional R & D manufacturer. The company paid great attention to new product research and development, in order to ensure product quality and leading level, pay attention to the interactive cooperation with institutions of higher learning.
          We always uphold the "users are friends rather than God " service concept, is willing to take high-quality products, good service and pure of heart, for the majority of the weft user to provide more affordable, more convenient and more to enjoy a healthy life.
          address:No.19 # 01, Floor 1-2, Building 19, Phase I, Xuzhou Jingkai Zhizao Garden, Liandong U Valley, No.6 Leye Road, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone    mob:0516-85795556 85800740
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