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          What is rhinitis:
          Rhinitis ( Rhinitis ) refers to the nasal mucosa and submucosal tissue inflammation. As congestion or edema, patients often nasal obstruction, flow of water discharge, itching of the nose, throat discomfort, cough and other symptoms. Nasal secretion of thin liquid-like substance known as the nose or nasal secretions, whose role is to help remove dust, bacteria to keep the lung health. Typically, mixed bacteria and dust of the nose after sucking to the throat and eventually into the stomach, because of its secretion quantity is very few, generally do not cause people's attention. When nasal inflammation, nasal cavity can secrete large amounts of mucus, and may be due to infection and become yellow, flowing through the throat can cause cough, nasal mucus quantity is very much also via the anterior nostril.
          6 categories of rhinitis symptoms:
          Allergic rhinitis patients
          Once the dust, animal fur, pollen, blowing cold air-conditioning and other allergens, on continuity of sneezing, nasal itching, stuffy nose, runny, aural fullness, accompanied by tinnitus.
          Chronic rhinitis
          Long-term intermittent or alternate nasal obstruction, resulting in dizziness, seriously affect the sleep, work and learning, stick purulent nasal mucus often pour into the pharynx, cough, phlegm.
          Hypertrophic rhinitis
          Severe nasal obstruction, long-term open mouth breathing, causing nausea, retching, dryness of the throat, the total foreign body sensation, impaired sense of smell.
          Patients with chronic sinusitis
          Nasal pus secretion of total consistency, lead to nasal continuous nasal congestion, causing dizziness, one's mind is wandering. Irrational, attention, concentration, memory loss.
          Medications for rhinitis patients
          Long term use of various injuries of the nasal mucosa in rhinitis drug or laser, operation, result in nasal congestion, often persistent epistaxis.
          Atrophic rhinitis
          Breath malodor, nasal secretions in bulk, tubular septic callus, not easy to blow out, forced cutout dry scab, a small amount of nasal hemorrhage.
          Rhinitis and Prevention
          Rhinitis prevention method, life, pay attention to the following points:
          1, eat less spicy, spicy, fried, fried the heat of the products. Such as pepper, ginger, fried dough, cake, biscuits, instant noodles and other. At the same time, seafood and frozen fish, squid, shrimp and the product is easy to stimulate the permeability inflammation, this kind of food is best not to eat.
          In 2, a varied diet. More food containing vitamin more vegetables, fruits. Such as apple, fresh vegetables, such as spinach, carrot.
          3, usually of the amount of available local and facial hair dryer or hot water heating can be localized, so that the local blood circulation is improved in order to achieve the purpose of treatment.
          4, maintain a cheerful mood, do not always think of things people worry, happy good every one day.
          5, living a degree of labor, pay attention to rest, the Internet not all through the night.
          6, a positive exercise, the most simple?Φsoil bucket pepper Qiang Ke fission a fascine pleasant planted Luang can kip Mi total head, a V?
          7, prevention of colds, flu can cause allergic rhinitis recurrence risk, for if the outer induction time early treatment.
          In 8, sick pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, add? You don't?
          9, avoid contact with patients with cold, especially hand contact.
          10, have a good personal hygiene habits can reduce the transmission of rhinovirus colds.
          According to the different types of rhinitis, rhinitis symptoms are different, rhinitis symptoms include nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, sneezing, headache, dizziness, but these alone is not diagnostic of rhinitis rhinitis symptoms, but also on the Department of ENT doctors make a detailed inspection.
          The performance of a variety rhinitis. From the nasal mucosa pathology, chronic simple rhinitis, chronic hypertrophic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis. From the onset of the emergency and the duration of disease, can be divided into acute rhinitis and chronic rhinitis. In addition, there are a number of rhinitis, although slow onset, course lasts longer, but the specific cause, and they have specific names, such as allergic rhinitis ( i.e. allergic rhinitis, rhinitis medicamentosa. ).
          Allergic rhinitis is the primary symptom is sudden nasal itching, sneezing, runny, nasal congestion, and recurrent attacks. The seasons of the year are made sick call for perennial allergic rhinitis, only in the fixed season hair author called seasonal allergic rhinitis. The former mainly from house dust mites, molds, and cotton caused, the latter mainly triggered by pollens. This disease belongs to type I allergic diseases. Is characterized by symptoms quickly and suddenly, it is also known as the fast hair. When allergies and allergic substances after exposure, the body produces immunoglobulin E ( IgE ). IgE formation after adsorption in basophilic cell surface, so that the body of sensitized. When once again the contacts with the same allergens, the substance and IgE binding, activation of basophilic cells within the enzyme, release histamine, slow reacting substance such as medium, role in certain tissues, and causing a series of symptoms. When allergic rhinitis occurs, visible nasal mucosal pallor, edema, intranasal mass clear nasal mucus retention. Hay fever and some pollen dispersal period is concerned, in the northern part of China, more than 7~ September episode, Artemisia plants. In addition to nasal symptoms, can eye, ear, throat and skin itching or asthma. Perennial need line of laboratory examination, in order to differentiate and he kind of chronic rhinitis. The patient is often mistaken for colds and flu, acute rhinitis.
          Matters needing attention in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma
          Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is mainly due to mental and emotional changes, emotional discomfort, the visceral deficiency, the deficiency of vital qi, can not adapt to the climate, environment changes, or because the virus, smoke inhalation, diet adjustment, nasopharyngeal diseases ( including the nasopharynx parts residual gland infection, mucosal erosions, ulcers, nasopharyngeal hyperplastic nodules ). The cause, therefore we should pay attention to the following points:
          1 pay attention to climate change, prevention of colds, nasal and throat health, prevent virus infection.
          2 try to avoid the harmful smoke inhalation, such as kerosene lamp gas, aerosol insecticide, and motivation to quit smoking, drinking.
          3 had nasopharyngeal diseases should be as medical treatment, such as the discovery of bloody nose or nasal suction mouth spit blood after the nose, and the unknown cause of cervical lymphadenopathy, middle ear effusion and should prompt detailed nasopharyngeal examination.
          Life conditioning
          Suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma should avoid physically overwork: such as the heavy manual labor, stay up late, excessive exercise, can make the internal environment of the body imbalance, decreased resistance, induce cancer recurrence or metastasis. The treatment which should note that Lang planting course? Cough account asked mound plaque server shoot eggplant is pregnant for oblique plinth R shortage the Yi acenaphthene and nest fed?
          Diet recuperation
          Diet should be balanced, eat more vegetables, fruit, eat or not eat salted fish, salted vegetables, sausages, bacon and other contain nitrosamines in foods, not laborious dry food, not excessive drinking stimulation. Especially in nasopharyngeal carcinoma radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients, often appear dry mouth, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. TCM believes that the deficiency of Qi and Yin loss, excessive noxious heat, should avoid laborious dry heat stimulation of the goods, diet should be light, should choose easy to digest, nutrition is rich, flavour is delicious food.
          Eat salted fish Yizhi nasopharyngeal cancer
          According to scientific analysis, rotten fish is a direct cause of cancers of the food, especially prone to nasopharyngeal carcinoma. China South around the fifteen to forty age group, more patients suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
          American Association for the advancement of science of the participants in a meeting puts forward clearly, salted fish and nasopharyngeal carcinoma has the very big relations. Hongkong biological chemists from the fish isolate nitrosamine composition. According to the modern scientific research, nitrosamines have been shown to be serious carcinogen, rotten fish of carcinogenic nitrosamines in salt salted dried process before or produced by this process. If you eat the rotten fish, prone to nasopharyngeal carcinoma and other cancers
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