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          Pregnant women and children allergic rhinitis can use your product?
          Pregnant women suffering from rhinitis to intra-abdominal baby has a great influence. Some patients with acute and chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis in pregnant women, stuffy nose would be upset Italian dry, sleep is not good, this is very adverse to fetal development. Current treatment of rhinitis medications most containing ephedrine, pregnant women may well cause miscarriage or fetal development leading to deformity. If taking medication properly, more be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. The other is also the need for caution children rhinitis medication, side effects of drugs, are likely to cause adverse effect on a child's development, for 12 years following the patients is not to advocate the use of adult rhinitis drug therapy. Nasal therapy is a physical therapy in nasal cavity and nasal wash, thoroughly wash, the intranasal allergen, bacteria, inflammatory secretions and other dirty things removed, eliminating swelling of the nasal mucosa edema, restore the normal physiological function of nasal cavity, thereby eliminating the symptoms of rhinitis. Because this method does not use any chemical drug, nose washing agent is a pure natural patented formula, high safety, very suitable for pregnant women and children rhinitis patients, pregnant women and children above 5 year old can be assured use, without any side effects.
          I have a pollen allergy, spring special serious. Nasal wash on my symptoms effectively?
          We on allergic rhinitis of prevention and treatment of double action. Nasal wash, can timely comprehensive removal of nasal allergen, not allowing them to accumulate enough and long enough to cause disease, achieving prevention purpose; but has morbidity of patients with nasal, Coca Cola after nasal allergen can avoid destruction of the nasal mucosa, intranasal remaining amount of fluid can also eliminate nasal mucosa inflammation, relieve nasal congestion, making breathing unobstructed, achieve the purpose of therapy.
          Use your product washing the nose and nasal drops, nasal spray in the treatment of rhinitis have why to distinguish?
          Nasal drops, spray in fact plays only a temporary improvement in symptoms and local moist nasal function, can effectively clean the dust in the nasal cavity, the paranasal sinuses, bacteria and other harmful substances. The long-term use of the drug product, prone to drug resistance, drug rhinitis and other side effects. Each packet of nose washing agent can be formulated into 240ml lotion, lotion for cleaning nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses round to ensure that sufficient quantities of dust, bacteria and other harmful substances, and to play anti-inflammatory, restoring nasal self protection function. Does not contain chemical drugs natural nasal wash formula, suitable for pregnant women, 5 years of age or older child long-term use and has no toxic side effect.
          Why do the other nasal washing methods are recommended by physiological saline, your lotion is so expensive, with saline and what is the difference?
          There's a big difference. Health of the nasal cavity with inhalation of the bacteria, dust and other harmful substances out of the self-cleaning function of nasal cavity. Saline containing sodium chloride compositions, many clinical practice have shown, using saline nasal wash easily cause nasal dry, damaged nose with self-cleaning function. Nose washing agent by the Mediterranean Sea and citric acid and other natural elements, is affected by the multi-national patent protection formula, has Xihu 1 + 1 composite mechanism of therapeutic effect, can diminish inflammation, sterilization, restoring nasal self-cleaning function, effective prevention and treatment of various rhinitis.
          I am an allergic rhinitis patients, when using the product nasal wash effect best?
          The best in allergic reactions has not happened before. During the allergy season is nearly coming but allergic rhinitis has not been evoked before, frequently cleaning the nasal cavity, nasal cavity cleaning and maintaining normal toxin-expelling function, do not let the pollen and other allergens in intranasal accumulate enough and long enough can prevent the purpose. Otherwise, once the attack of allergic rhinitis, treatment will be a long time.
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