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          Foreign to the saline nasal wash research and case

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          The United States University of California San Diego
          Country: USA
          Location: Rachora of California, the number of students: 20000
          The nature of school: public teacher number: About 868
          University Rankings: the Top School ranked thirty-fifth, American public university in seventh.
          In the American public university students received a doctor degree and enrolled in medical school in investigation, with the highest percentage of come out in front.
          Author: Tomooka LT, Murphy C, Davidson TM, University of California San Diego School of medicine in the United States of America
          Objective: nasal diseases, including chronic rhinitis and allergic rhinitis, with a higher incidence of. Nasal wash has been applied to the treatment of rhinitis. Although there has been much concerned nasal wash for rhinitis report, but with strict statistical evidence is relatively less. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of hypertonic saline nasal wash in the treatment of rhinitis effective action.
          Methods: Patients with rhinitis is from California salt University at Santiago medical school and Santiago nasal dysfunction clinic, a total of 211, 22 of these patients underwent operation treatment but never heal. Patients using the nose washing apparatus using hypertonic saline nasal wash 2 times every day, always adhere to 3 to 6 weeks. In the whole process, through a detailed questionnaire, detailed and accurate recording of patients with rhinitis symptoms and has been tracking the changes in patients with rhinitis.
          Results: the results showed that the use of saline nasal wash in patients with rhinitis in rhinitis symptoms can be improved greatly, and these improvements in compliance with universal health quality assessment criteria, none of the patients had adverse reactions and discomfort. And without the use of saline nasal wash method by medication group, in some cases even better than medication group rehabilitation.
          Conclusion: nasal washing can effectively improve the rhinitis symptoms and survival status of patients with rhinitis.
          The United States University of Wisconsin
          Country: USA
          Location: Wisconsin student number: 18000
          The nature of school: public teacher number: about 950
          Characteristics: the United States University of Wisconsin is the nation's food and medical safety information and research center,
          The research on the nose for quality of life, symptoms of rhinitis and perennial rhinitis patients with drug effect or influence the assessment. Rhinitis is a common disease, which affect people's quality of life, cost more, is one of the major groups of drug consumption. Nasal wash from ancient old tradition, using special tool for water to rinse the nasal cavity.
          According to the randomness of scientific research rules, we extracted the 52 years history of rhinitis rhinitis patients, teach them to use saline nasal wash, and 24 developed a project in order to observe them with previous treatment condition were compared.
          According to the survey, we assessed the patient's quality of life, the patient's nasal wash comfort and safety, rhinitis symptoms and medication, these patients through the use of nasal wash, significantly improves the quality of life, less frequent symptoms of rhinitis, and no longer required to antibiotic class of nasal drug. They wash the nose also feel more comfortable, and begin to like washing the nose, there was no side effects.
          The research results have been published in the 2002 December issue of Joural of Family Practice, us two follow-up practice research findings have been published. The first follow-up study we wanted to exclude things by chance, so we in the original study and continued to follow 12 months, let the initial 52 patients continue to use saline nasal wash therapy to treat their rhinitis and tracked for 12 months. Facts have proved this point: the quality of their lives, rhinitis symptoms are improved, they are all fixed daily saline nasal wash 1-2 times or according to their own needs to adjust the number of.
          In the second study, we want to identify these saline nasal wash with is how to learn and gradually mastered this therapeutic approach, and how they continue at home using this method. So we and 28 task participants had a face-to-face interview survey. Through their exchange their views and experience, can be summed up the following seven aspects:
          1) saline nasal wash to solve their rhinitis symptoms useful, most of them are improved obviously
          2) saline nasal wash enables them to solve their own problems and rhinitis, instead of always the doctor for help,
          3) relative to the medication and surgery, there was no discomfort symptoms
          4) low cost, even to buy an electric nose washing apparatus, spend far less than the medication and surgery
          5) convenient, two times a day or once, you only need 2 minutes.
          6) their little trouble: just began to use, water first into the nasal cavity can not meet some, but these small trouble through the correct guidance of use will soon be overcome, and saline nasal wash into their daily habits.
          Author: Dr. Ceng Hongzheng : Hongkong: Patients Miss Lin use time: 2 months types: Sinusitis
          Published: ENT electronic newspaper in 2003 May
          In this case recommended the use of dozens of patients selecting representative a thorough analysis, in order to confirm the effect of saline nasal wash method

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