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          Saline nasal wash why must use special machine?

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          The nasal wash, can be said to have been inherited from yoga to wash the nose regimen invention. Chinese Taoist since ancient times have morning with washing nasal approach, in the modern sense by means of special tool nose washing methods from nineteenth Century Western began, from the original Neti Pot, hand pressure rubber tube type nose washing apparatus, to modern by power driven spray type and pulse type saline nasal wash.
          Manual type nose washing apparatus benefits that the structure is simple, affordable, disadvantage is poor cleaning effect of cleaning function, far less than the electric type nose washing apparatus, suggestions can be used as a simple nasal wash or travel use.
          True meaning of modern saline nasal wash is the electric pulse type nose washing apparatus, they are a combination of modern science and technology, reserves a manual type nose washing apparatus all the advantages, abandoned their shortcomings, according to ergonomic specially designed nasal wash nozzle clings to the nasal cavity, more conducive to deep soft cleaning. At the same time a particular frequency pulse motor in air compressor and, like a gentle stream of water or spray, can produce 15-20 times per second ripple Spa ( close to the nasal mucosa of normal cilia movement of pulsation frequency ), can be more effective to remove thick mucus and pus bacterial toxins. In use it to take the head down position bent posture, anatomical terms, water or spray easily from the nasal cavity into the side, around the nasopharynx and nasal cavity outflow from the other side, the comparison does not flow to the eustachian tube or throat, the patients feel more comfortable. It also has an advantage, as long as the replacement of washing the nose, the whole family can share one machine, but it can be avoided because of the shared washing nose caused by cross infection ( such as each family the toothbrush. ).

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