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          Rhinitis treatment competition

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          We present the mainstream rhinitis therapeutic approach to do a list and summary, to facilitate users to view
          Rhinitis treatment are many, but the specific adopted rhinitis treatment methods require Department of ENT of hospital doctors to determine the actual situation. The following is rhinitis of various treatment methods to do a simple introduction, the following rhinitis treatment by Chinese saline nasal wash finishing, for reference only:
          1 topical intranasal medications: intranasal drug is mainly used to relieve symptom of rhinitis, nasal oil can relieve dry rhinitis drying, furacilin mixture can relieve nasal congestion, hormones nasal drops can help reduce allergic rhinitis symptoms such as sneezing flow of water t. Advantages: belongs to the vasoconstrictor drugs to get instant results, effects, disadvantages: can produce dependence, not can be used continuously for more than two weeks, patients with chronic rhinitis can not be long-term use.
          2 oral drugs: mainly for rhinitis primary etiology treatment, according to the different rhinitis medication, distinction, allergic rhinitis need antiallergic therapy, such as chlorpheniramine astemizole, etc.. General chronic rhinitis can take all kinds of Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, such as Huo bile pills, various films such as rhinitis. Atrophic rhinitis is need to take vitamin drugs.
          Advantages: Western medicine effect to get instant results
          Disadvantages: Western medicine can not be long-term use of antibiotics, especially the western medicine, otherwise the body can develop resistance, even will influence other disease treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine effect slow onset, effect is unknown, such as long-term use can cause drug-induced rhinitis
          Operation: 4 operation mainly for drugs not after the treatment effect is not obvious rhinitis, nasal congestion can be solved. Applicable to turbinate hypertrophy caused by nasal obstruction, nasal polyps, nasal cavity, or extremely dry atrophic rhinitis. Operation with operation knife, laser or microwave treatment and low temperature plasma radiofrequency treatment methods advantages: direct cutting location, good effect disadvantages: high prices, need a certain economic capacity, such as poor maintenance risk of recurrence is high.
          5 saline nasal wash method: abroad widely promoted as a purely physical method, using physiological saline or configure their own warm saline nasal wash, warm brine sterilization can also thoroughly rinse out the dirt in the nasal cavity.
          Advantages : the long-term use of low cost, simple and convenient operation, obvious effect, green, health, safety, can be used for a long time. Disadvantages: must use special nose washing apparatus

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