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          Study of 34% patients with allergic rhinitis have

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          According to Reuters, a new study has found that many patients with allergic rhinitis, while suffering from migraine, suggesting that cause allergies compounds? Histamine, may also cause migraines.
          Researchers on nearly 300 adult and child study, found that 34% of the allergic rhinitis patients with symptoms of migraine.
          Allergic rhinitis is commonly known as hay fever. While receiving the research without allergic rhinitis who, only 4% had symptoms of migraine.
          Researchers in the Chronicles: " allergies asthma and immunology on the " print article says, this finding will encourage doctors to allergic rhinitis patients may suffer from migraine headaches " consciousness raising ".
          Some past research found, many migraine patients were misdiagnosed as sinus headache, and thus lead to symptomatic treatment. Sinus inflammation occurs when the sinus headache, allergy is one of the factors to cause. Due to sinus headache and migraine symptoms are similar, both really hard to distinguish.
          Symptoms of migraine is the head of one side or both sides of a throbbing pain, but is usually on the side of the head pain, accompanied by nausea, light and sound sensitivity and other symptoms. But migraine sufferers will face pressure, nasal congestion, sinus headache symptoms.
          The researchers found that allergic rhinitis patients with migraine symptoms may increase by 14 times. Researchers believe that, when allergy occurs, the body's immune system will release histamine, whereas histamine causes inflammation and vascular expansion, thus cause the occurrence of migraine.
          Distinction between migraine in sinus headache in the treatment of critical. A migraine headache can through the use of common pain therapy, but a series called the triptans ( triptan ) drugs for the treatment of migraine is a must. But migraine must through medication to prevent.
          The researchers pointed out, there is no evidence that the treatment of hay fever antihistamines can alleviate the symptoms of migraine. Researchers believe this is not surprising, because the antihistamine to relieve asthma caused by vascular expansion almost does not play role.

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