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          Allergic disease 20 years jumps 10 times, the envi

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          From in recent twenty years in the epidemiological survey, allergic rhinitis, asthma, atopic dermatitis and other allergic disease incidence rises apparently, generally increased by 5 - 10 times, the incidence of allergic disease for more than 20%, the cost of treatment for all diseases series second! Incidence of allergic diseases in recent years will be rapid increase of why? Reporters yesterday interviewed many expert was informed that, environment pollution, infectious diseases and genetic reduction is the three major cause.
          Environmental pollution
          " These years allergic disease patients has increased, and people's living environment changes have a great relationship. " Jiangsu Province People's Hospital ENT physician Cheng Lei told reporters, the increase in atmospheric pollution, the air quality declining, air suspension, all kinds of dust particles increase. At the same time, along with the living level of economic development, many families began to pets, all home decoration, these also have greatly increased allergen type and number. Department of respiration Jiangsu Province People's Hospital professor Yin Kaisheng also said that, once he receives a 40 year old man, the man with a history of asthma, but there have been many years without morbidity, in just decoration End new house on the same day, he was unable to hold oneself back to moved in, the result that night appeared in asthmatic attack, and " culprit" is in the new paint. In fact, a recent study also confirms, the incidence of asthma in children more than doubled in 5 years ago, and this and family decoration, pet families increased greatly, therefore, patients with asthma families shall keep everything as simple as possible in the environment, indoor carpet, sofa, heavy curtains should avoid, and must not pets.
          Infectious disease reduced
          " Improved health conditions may bring allergic disease incidence! " China asthma alliance general is responsible for one of the Chinese Medical Association, Jiangsu province Respiratory Society chairman, Department of respiration Jiangsu Province People's Hospital director Professor Yin Kaisheng also briefed reporters on the " hygiene hypothesis ". He admitted to allergic disease, the most common asthma as an example, in recent years the incidence of asthma in large range, but as everyone knows the family decoration, keeping pets such as environmental pollution, a factor that can not be ignored is the reduction of infectious diseases. He said, in human T lymphocytes are divided into type 1 and type 2 in two, two in vivo according to a certain proportion of the distribution, a state of equilibrium. The type T1 lymphocytes and infectious diseases, and type T2 lymphocytes is associated with allergic diseases. With the improvement of sanitary conditions and raising the level of technology, now in our country, a great change of spectrum of disease is infectious diseases in reducing. This means, the decrease in the number of T1 lymphocytes in vivo, corresponding to T2 lymphocytes, began to increase, thus leads to the increase of allergic diseases, including asthma, allergic rhinitis and allergic skin diseases.
          Genetic factors can not be ignored
          "All the couples who are allergic physique, two generations suffering from allergic disease by 50%. Moreover, this genetic often irreversible! " Professor Yin Kaisheng reminds say, allergic diseases and genetic relationship is very close, in other words, with the same allergens, congenital allergic constitution person will often be induced allergic disease, and normal physical people often do not affected by any. Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital pediatric have done this year, a study on Henoch-Schonlein purpura in children research, it was found, the intrinsic dysfunction known as traditional Chinese medicine called " heat " children tended to be more susceptible to various types of allergic diseases, namely " heat " physique children tend to be allergic disease susceptible group " ". The provincial hospital of Chinese Medicine Pediatrics director Sun Yiqiu in particular to the reporter said, now residents diet generally the heat is too high, especially for children, delicious fried, fried food, " small fat mound " mostly, ingestion of large amounts of too high protein, high-calorie food easily after the " heat ", " heat " and the possibility of children has also increased significantly, to a certain extent also in the allergic disease " susceptible " to increase.

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