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          Saline nasal wash some attention points

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          1, must use warm water, so the effect will be better, on nasal does not stimulate, more comfortable to use. Hot water temperature control in body temperature almost on the line, namely by the handle can be, not very accurate, do not pay attention to hot line. Especially for allergic rhinitis, this is very important, there are a lot of allergic rhinitis to cold is sensitive to changes in temperature, if the use of cold water to feel unwell. The first few times when using the water temperature may feel sometimes high and sometimes low, you can according to their own situation, adjust slowly, generally after 2-3 days of use that oneself applicable temperature.
          2, must use special nasal wash tools, this tool at home also has a variety of styles of the market, generally more expensive after use, the effect will be better, cheaper but also effective but may be worse than those higher tool. These tools are the major differences in the effect of cleaning, manual simple type can only play the moist function, no nasal rinse effect, only the pulsating and spray such as special nose washing apparatus can pass the pulse water flow to nasal cavity rinse out dirt, so finally produces the treatment effect is different.
          3, not to long-term use of high concentration brine ( more than 0.9% ). Effect of high concentration brine faster, but it has some side effects. So the use of generally not more than 7 days. General symptoms of nasal obstruction patients can consider the appropriate use of high concentration brine, because of the high concentration brine swelling effect quickly, can quickly solve the symptoms of nasal obstruction. But not having a stuffy nose, nose or very dry, people do not use a high concentration of salt water, not only does not work but will likely increase.
          4, saline nasal wash frequency for every morning and evening is most suitable, when rhinitis symptoms significantly reduced can be reduced when the day for one before bedtime.

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