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          Why should the nasal wash?

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          For centuries, the concept of health has been washing the nose health claims.
          " Nose for maintaining health is a important factor ", " the nasal cavity is the body of the filter, it can make us away from disease. Nasal wash meaning like we usually wash brush one's teeth. If people to form the habit, it will promote our health. "
          For those who are at work every day contact with all kinds of dirty things people, this is undoubtedly a good constructive news. Especially those of medical workers and firefighters. And factory workers, cleaners, dealing with paint and other frequent exposure to stimulation of nasal articles people. Regular contact with various kinds of dust, heavy metals, pathogens, stimulation of nasal items, will lead to abnormal nasal secretions, nasal congestion and swelling and injury to the nasal cilia in normal function.
          Dr. Solomon confirmed, using saline nasal irrigation, can let the nasal cavity has been kept clean, moist normal physiological state, protect the nasal does not suffer enroach on, and for allergic rhinitis, asthma, rhinitis and other nasal congestion caused by congestion has very good results.
          As a clinician Dr. Solomon began very early to recommend the use of nasal wash this way, " as a has more than 13 years of experience in outpatient practice doctor, I have been repeatedly recognized nasal wash on my patient benefits, " she said.
          A large number of clinical trials proved, nasal washing can have the following benefits:
          ·greatly relieve nasal congestion
          ·promotes nasal normal respiratory function
          ·nasal secretions can be easily removed
          To avoid prolonged use of antihistamine drugs, antibiotics rhinitis
          And has the advantages of simple operation, safety and no side effect
          , restore and promote the normal function of nasal cilia
          Nasal washing can greatly relieve their symptoms, avoid excessive drug use. Over medication would bring resistance and the damage to the body. Nasal wash for some special populations are more favorable, such as children and pregnant women.
          No medicine to cure rhinitis, health and safety equipment

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