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          Nose washing device development and stage of the n

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          Nasal wash is the India yoga and Chinese Taoism has long been one of health law. The method for using both hands with clean water, head bent, force the water suction the nose, from the mouth to spit out by water, removal of nasal mucus and dirt. The traditional Chinese medicine theory also has a " nasal wash fitness " concept, folk also has nasal wash to treat rhinitis, remedies, but this method is in the west get expert medical attention, and combining with clinical practice, research and application in the treatment of rhinitis, resulting in the Yoga Neti Pot based on birth all kinds of used for washing nasal rhinitis the nose washing apparatus.
          Nasal wash history also experienced a process from simple to sophisticated.
          The earliest application in nasal wash to treat rhinitis, the nose washing apparatus is the direct use of the Yoga Neti Pot ( using various materials ), flow out of the water column, the spout is aimed directly at the nasal cavity, head tilted slightly, by the flow of water by gravity and the head itself physiological structure, to allow water to flow from the nostrils flows from one of the other nostril flow out, so the two nostrils repeated use. But in the actual use discovered such problems: one is easy to choke water, and head tilt, flow easily into the ear, which has certain dangerous sex; two is the strength of the current unbalanced, some parts reach, such as the nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses, this caused by incomplete; three nose usually nasal obstruction were not easy to hurt the ears, nose and.
          Later in the Yoga Neti Pot on the basis of the invention of hand pressure plastic pots, or hand and the rubber tube, nozzle and some water column, some spray fog, although the strength enhancement, also solved the head to the side of the problem, but it has brought the strength of well control, force more easily choke the problem of water and damage the nasal mucosa, hand pressure spray type is part of a more limited. Nasal obstruction or cannot use this type of.
          Then the expert studies to improve, appear on the market of the electric nose washing apparatus. Electric nose washing apparatus is the emergence of nasal wash to treat rhinitis, new reform, solve the problem of pressure equilibrium, it can ensure that there is enough pressure nasal wash dirt on the basis and can not damage the nasal cavity, can be washed into the deeper part of the effect, get larger embodiment. The first generation of electric nose washing apparatus is jet, jet out of the water column, and the column itself movement frequencies can assist the nasal cilia in normal swing. But the first generation jet is the defect of nasal obstruction or cannot be used, because of the inability to effectively relief, easy to damage the head; at the same time water choking problem still exists, it is comfortable and there is a certain danger.
          Electric pressure atomizing nose washer is born, the nasal wash to treat rhinitis, tool to make greater progress. The first, fixed value pressure makes that does not damage the nasal and rinse thoroughly, can deep into the nasal cavity deep nasal, paranasal sinus and nasopharynx and all other site. Second, some with pressure relief device, so that patients with nasal obstruction can also use normal. Third, because the spray, so it does not appear that water choking phenomenon, the use of safer and more comfortable, so a child can rest assured that the use of. Fourth, spray movement frequencies can help restore normal nasal cilia swing, restoring nasal self shoot poisonous function.
          Options: 1, mild symptoms can choose a simple design for a class of, after all the washing is better than not to rinse well, still have a certain effect, although not completely; 2, severity of symptoms, you are not directly in one step, and choose the good, the effect is more ideal. In 3, has a stuffy nose symptoms, especially severe nasal obstruction, whether you use simple or advanced, please don't pick the water column type.

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