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          Saline nasal wash to wash what parts of the nasal

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          Saline nasal wash treatment rhinitis has been more and more people begin to understand this not use good method, but the physiological saline nasal wash many details we actually don't quite understand, the saline nasal wash one detail to introduce, Jie will Kang nose washing apparatus as the saline nasal wash advocate and leader is responsible for everyone to understand more clearly.
          The nasal cavity is a result not of simple human body organ. The nasal cavity is divided into two parts, first is bounded to the vestibular, nasal cavity. Nasal bone structure, surface coating film, the outer sidewall surface uneven, with, in, into the nasal turbinate inferior turbinate, all beneath each having a slit, respectively called, inferior nasal meatus. Nasal front called nasal vestibule. Nose medial to lateral wall of the nasal cavity nasal septum, irregular surface, there are 3 vertical downward protruding part, are known as the superior nasal concha, middle and inferior turbinate. The turbinate beneath the void called nasal tract, i.e., inferior nasal meatus. The medial septum and turbinates voids between the known total nasal meatus. In the inferior nasal meatus with nasolacrimal duct openings, in the middle nasal meatus with frontal sinus, anterior ethmoid and maxillary sinus ostium, in the nasal tract posterior ethmoid sinus and sphenoid sinus opening. Both allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, in the use of saline nasal wash time, all of these parts involved to some extent, this is because rhinitis in these parts are shown, in addition because these sites are communicated mutually, a site of inflammation, other parts are the possibility of spreading. That is to say the saline nasal wash is not a simple wash the nose, but to clear all parts need to be washed.
          Saline nasal wash first nasal vestibule, nasal vestibule is the first washing position, and the nasal chamber flushing it is best not to let the rinse water into the nasal cavity deep. Because of the nasal cavity nasal chamber is very important to protect one of the organs, nasal vestibule vibrissa on barrier in the air is dirty, a lot of dirt are concentrated in the nasal vestibular portion, which is why dig nostril (i.e. digging nasal vestibular ) will have a lot of black, yellow crusting of the reasons, then in the nasal wash as far as possible not to let these dirt into the nasal cavity, is supposed to stop in this part of the dirty things, you made it into the nasal cavity, it is not right. That is to say, you're the saline nasal wash regardless of what kind of tools, if not exclusively for nasal vestibular parts rinse step, strictly speaking, is not scientific. Saline nasal wash first should be separate flushing the nasal vestibule, and let the rinse water do not enter the nasal cavity deep.
          Followed by a nasal meatus. Inflammatory manifestations of secretions, not blocked dirt more concentrated in this area, edematous swelling phenomenon here also, then the second step is of course to this part of the flushing, purpose is to dilute the secretion, dirt, and by certain pressure to these secretions, dirt removal from the nasal cavity, and the resolution of edema and swelling of the phenomenon, makes nasal ventilation disorders and inflammatory manifestations disappeared from the base.
          Saline nasal wash in flushing time is another important site is the paranasal sinuses. Sinus is a key part of the headache, dizziness, severe symptoms such as nasal sinus is the Yinyan disease makes sinus opening closure led to sinus dysfunction caused by. Flushing sinus opening is mainly to eliminate sinus opening edema swollen state, let the sinus opening can open normally, the paranasal sinuses and pressure balance, the sinuses in nasal secretions of normal circulation of the paranasal sinuses, the drainage of the pus out, restoration of sinus function.
          Then the nasopharynx and oropharynx. The nasopharynx is refers to the two nostrils at the rear of the Unicom, nasopharyngeal part followed by the throat. The two part is tightly connected with the nasal cavity, so also the physiological saline nasal wash rinse place, so as to let rhinitis symptoms to eliminate completely objective. A nose nostril out into another purpose is to flush to the nasopharynx, let the water from the mouth out or swallow to flush into the pharynx. It feels as though some nausea, but in fact the nasal cavity under normal conditions, abundant secretions are through the throat into the stomach, but not easy to perceive it, so there is no need to have any discomfort.
          Rhinitis patients in the understanding of the physiological saline nasal wash many details on its own in the choice of tools, saline with will have a very good guide, so that a more correct choice in order to achieve the best effect of saline nasal wash.

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