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          Treatment of rhinitis by physical methods

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          Those who often suffer from allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, all hope to have a safe and effective treatment method. Here, to introduce a physical method: saline nasal wash.
          Saline nasal irrigation is how it works: saline nasal wash is to use saline to nasal wash, this method can perform the following functions:
          The viscous nasal secretions for removal from the nasal cavity, eliminating a runny nose and runny nose phenomenon, alleviate and eliminate nasal congestion, clearance into the nasal cavity of pollen, dust, can stimulate the nasal allergen and bacteria make nasal no longer dry let the smooth breathing and remission for runny nose caused by throat discomfort, such as cough
          How to use saline nasal wash - equipped with brine:
          Brine equipment is relatively simple. This ratio and body fluids isotonic Caixing, generally 500 ml warm water to add 4.5 grams of salt and 2.25 grams of baking soda. Generally the use of pure water or distilled water with, other water is not recommended, because it may have more chemical additives. To use the pure salt iodine salt. Baking soda is designed in order to avoid damage of nasal and a boost to the viscous secretion dilution.
          How to use saline nasal wash - different saline nasal wash tools: salt with good, we need to put it in a special container, so as to effectively nasal wash. Here are some tools available:
          ·Yoga Neti Pot nasal spray bottle, medical syringes, electric nose washing apparatus
          How to use saline nasal wash - how to wash:
          If you use a tube type, pot type and electric water column type nose washing tool for nasal irrigation, then the operation is going to talk about skills, not casually use. When you use the special container installed after saline:
          And put his head down, but not too low, cannot let the nose off the ground at a distance less than the distance from the surface of your mouth
          ·gently turned her head, let the left nostril below
          The brine from the right nostril irrigation, water will flow out from the left nostril, can be repeated several times
          Repeat the same procedure in a nasal cavity rinse
          , mouth breathing, if there are mouth water out, do not have the swallowing movements, let it flow down.
          If you use an electric pressure spray type does not need so much trouble.
          How to use saline nasal wash, whether can be used for a long time and the use of frequency:
          Nasal irrigation, no side effects, for everyone is safe, so there is no strict use of time and frequency regulation, can according to the different circumstances of individual to use, can be used for a long time. Of course, in general, every nasal wash 1 - 2 times.
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