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          The common causes of sinusitis is what?

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          The main causes are infection, allergy and autoimmune diseases, nasal and paranasal sinus anatomic abnormalities. The viral infection, bacterial infection, fungal infection is relatively common, is generally the microorganisms in the nasal inner left, along the sinus mucosa into the sinus, resulting in paranasal sinus mucosa lesions; or infection leads to swelling of the nasal mucosa, sinus drainage is not smooth, with secondary bacterial infection. Respiratory allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases are the important factors of sinusitis, found in the adult with 15%-30% correlation, children at a higher rate ( 35%-80% ), which is why in the treatment of sinusitis is sometimes combined with antihistamine reason. Nasal cavity and paranasal sinus anatomic abnormalities can lead to blockage of the sinus, such as deviation of nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy, middle turbinate reverse bend will cause the sinus drainage pathways of the stenosis or complete nasal obstruction, in the course of time, within the sinus secretions can not be excluded, accumulation causes sinusitis. The study also found that the nasal cavity and paranasal sinus mucosa ciliary dyskinesia or not is one of the factors causing sinusitis, nasal intubation ( another long-term nasal feeding, often a tube inserted into the stomach through the nasal cavity ), feed the reflux acid stimulation, head and face; radiation injury can also result in nasal cavity paranasal sinus mucosa injury.
          In addition, some special body conditions can lead to the occurrence of nasal sinusitis. ( 1) pregnancy status: approximately 1/5 pregnancy rhinitis symptoms may appear, estrogen, progesterone and placental and auxin on nasal mucosa directly effect, result in mucosal vasoconstriction vasodilation changed; ( 2) with H. pylori and laryngopharyngeal reflux: in chronic rhinosinusitis patients examined in part detection the Helicobacter pylori ( HP ) DNA; laryngopharyngeal reflux of acidic substances, HP bacteria itself can cause mucosal damage, so HP and laryngopharyngeal reflux and sinusitis may also have relevance.

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