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          Huanglong Jiuzhaigou two days after

          wirter: read 2514 ci time:2012年8月18日 daying

          In the absence of before going to Jiuzhaigou, heard that Jiuzhaigou take your scenery is very beautiful! As the saying goes, see King as listening to king! But when I arrived in Jiuzhaigou after only know and understand this saying is wrong. As for Jiuzhaigou, he must be a mistake. Glad to give us such a chance to go where to tour!
          In the Chinese have a saying "a paradise under Jervois, " in the absence of before going to Jiuzhaigou, I have been to Jervois both places, where the scenery is also very good indeed. I have been to Shanghai where the scenery is very beautiful. But when they reached Jiuzhaigou, I found the beauty of Jiuzhaigou is which place cannot be likened to. Picturesque scenery, Jiuzhaigou is the best analogy. But I still think that metaphor is far from enough. In Jiuzhaigou you will see a long stream, that is green sea. Think that where people did not see the real sea, so that the water is called the son of the sea, lake. Where the water is really as jade like sparkling. Special color beauty. I want to have never been to Jiuzhaigou before, only to see that the water in the picture. The mountains there, very green, only in the picture to see that beautiful mountains!
          Then we headed to the primeval forest. The road has scored a lot of Haizi, really lets the human eyes, so beautiful! No matter how much trouble and heartache, all the unpleasant, as long as the Jiuzhaigou moment will completely disappear. Because, where the scenery can let a person forget all the unhappy things. After Jinghai I found Jinghai really is like a mirror, beautiful mountain reflected in the water. Beautiful, I think this scene is only in Jiuzhaigou can see, also only in Jiuzhaigou! Enjoying the beautiful lake, to the destination of the primeval forest. When we enter the primeval forest, I sigh. Because of the German animal fear of humans, birds, squirrels after met you won't like elsewhere will be scared away, but where you with nothing like the play. There really is the human and the nature of true together, only will be there. Because of the beautiful scenery there is too much, I will briefly introduce the. There is also a beauty it's double waterfalls, before only in the television to see the falls, this was witnessed the Jiuzhaigou fold the waterfall, I really feel, so beautiful!!!! The beauty of Jiuzhaigou is really not very beautiful simile is able to generalize. Close my eyes, quietly stand in which a deep breath, the fresh air soon flow over your body, let your whole person immediately vibrant plus the static under heart to hear after the sound of water, I think the beauty at any places are very hard to find. Jiuzhaigou's five major characteristics: Balmoral, double waterfalls, colorful forest, snow and ice. But unfortunately we this travel, I only saw two major characteristics of Balmoral and fold the waterfall. No one, to see that the lakes, and beautiful mountains are very satisfied, swimming I be reluctant to part from Jiuzhaigou. Where do I find no pleasure and excitement in the one hundred percent. So it is very reluctant to leave him like this. Travelling through Jiuzhaigou, my best feeling is, there is really a heaven on earth. Its beauty in Jervois. Blue sky, white clouds, too lazy to water, green mountains. Jiuzhaigou formed a beautiful scenery line. Think of the first descriptions of Jiuzhaigou's song " Jiuzhaigou " magic in my far away from my place, there is a pair of eyes in the watch, he has -- who is calling, real. Who the hell is that the soul searching, oh -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jiuzhaigou magical, an earthly paradise -- -- -- -- -- oh -- that Jiuzhaigou is an earthly paradise no exaggeration. Because, in fact he does it really is the world's most beautiful paradise.
          Tour after Jiuzhaigou, the next day, we went to another spot, huanglong. Where there is a saying not to Huanglong non-hero, but for physically frail people the best the best of their abilities, not impulse should be take in elevation is relatively high, all for their own personal safety. For most people, reach the top without any problems. If will pant for breath take belongs to normal. Because it consumes a lot of energy, I entered the area, went straight to the top of huanglong. When reached the top, see a landscape, colorful pool, really beautiful. In enjoying the colorful pool, I began to walk back down the mountain, on the way to appreciate all the Huanglong beauty. Although the Huanglong beauty after Jiuzhaigou, but is also unique in the world. You get there just want to loudly say beauty. The beautiful scenery there is unable with the language to a simple description. Zhengyan pool is also very beautiful. After the colourful pool, Huanglong beauty really cannot use simple language to express clearly. It is so beautiful. Imperceptibly time soon to leave it. This time I be reluctant to part from the Huanglong scenic spot!!
          Huanglong Jiuzhaigou two tour, I is the biggest feeling really don't believe the world will be so beautiful place, without any pollution, 100 percent fresh. I think in any other place never find such a beautiful place. If this life you cannot go to Jiuzhaigou Huanglong travel so you will regret. Huanglong Jiuzhaigou two tour, to the best of my feeling is wonderful. Picturesque scenery, blue sky and white clouds, so beautiful scenery has had since the first saw. I hope to go there again travel, magical Jiuzhaigou, heaven on earth. I will once again to you appreciate your beauty

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