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              N95 Masks

              Magnum Health and Safety P. Ltd is one of leading manufactuer, supplier and exporter of N95 Masks from Mumbai, India. N95 Mask offers protection against Airborne diseases. Diseases like H1N1, Drug resistance, Sars and influenza can prevent by using this mask.

              MH 3D Plus

              MH Cup

              MH V

              NIOSH approvals

              Product Name TC Number Link
              MH 3D PLUS N 95 Mask TC - 84A - 9269 Click Here
              MH V N 95 Mask (N95001) TC - 84A - 6969 Click Here
              MH 3D N 95 Mask TC - 84A - 9050 Click Here
              MH CUP N 95 Mask TC - 84A - 9051 Click Here

              suggested application

              HOSPITALS & BIOTECH CO.

              For Protection Againts Bacteria / Virus & Diseases caused by air borne contaminants

              CONTACT US

              Magnum Health And Safety Pvt. Ltd.
              B-2003, Aquaria Grande, Devidas Road, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400103
              Email : info@magnumohs.com
              Phone : 00 91 8080850482

              All Right Reserved By Magnum Health And Safety Pvt. Ltd.

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