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              Quality Control & Testing

              Definition of respirator

              An apparatus worn over mouth and nose to prevent inhalation of Dust, Fumes, Liquid Aerosol and other noxious substances.

              various tests performed on respirators

              Filtration Efficiency (Nacl & Paraffin Oil)
              Breathing resistance
              Fit testing (Inward Leakage test)
              Carbon dioxide content of inhalation air.
              Mechanical strength

              categories of respirators

              ffp1 80% Filtration Efficiency Solid Particles
              Breathing Resistance : 2.1 mb
              ffp2 94% Filtration Efficiency Solid & Liquid Particles
              Breathing Resistance : 2.4 mb
              ffp3 98% Filtration Efficiency Solid & Liquid Particles
              Breathing Resistance : 3.0 mb

              Test condition : 0.6 micron particle at 95 LPM of airflow

              Respirator Approvals

              Filtering Half Mask (Indian Standard)
              Surgical Mask (Indian Standard)
              Niosh 42CFR84 - USA
              EN 149 : 2001 European Standart
              GB17/873378 GB17/873230 IN17/15005

              CONTACT US

              Magnum Health And Safety Pvt. Ltd.
              B-2003, Aquaria Grande, Devidas Road, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400103
              Email : info@magnumohs.com
              Phone : 00 91 8080850482

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